Animal Crossing General Hints and Tips


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Neighbour working at crafting table?

If you go visiting one of your islanders in their house and they are working on something at the crafting table, speak with them, they will give you a DIY recipe. It’ll probably be the recipe for what they’re making at that time.

Make use of the camera angles

You never know what you’re going to find floating in the sky or maybe in the seas/rivers. Just use the right stick to view higher or lower locations

Best way to catch tarantulas/Scorpions

I’ve found that the best way to catch Tarantulas/Scorpions is when you have your net out, hold A and slowly creep up on them, when they rise up, stop, when they then drop down, creep forward again. Repeat this till you’re close enough and you should be able to catch them.

Making use of fish bait.

It wasn’t until recently I started noticing that fish weren’t spawning in certain locations, one in my game is at the pier. How to get around this as there are certain valuable fish that are meant to spawn there? One answer being fish bait. If you sprinkle some of this into the ocean/rivers a fish will automatically spawn there. Now, you’re not guaranteed to get a high-value fish spawn, but for me, after a couple of goes, I managed to snag my elusive tuna!

The best thing about this as well is that fish bait is easy to craft. All you need are some Manila clams. What are Manila clams I hear you say? Well, have you ever noticed the little holes in the sand that squirt water out? As soon as you see them, dig them up with a shovel and voila!  One other piece of advice to give with Fishbait is to try it at different locations, there’s all manner of rare fish in different areas, so don’t just stick to the sea.

Just go to your crafting table or give Tom Nook a visit and as long as you have the recipe, you’re good to go!


Like to keep your inventory organised?

If you’re like me and like to have items grouped together to keep everything nice and organised, then all you need to do when you’re in your inventory is hold A on an item you want to move and simply move it to the spot you want it in.

General Advice on Bugs

Different bugs and fish will frequent your island and this will all depend on various factors, which could be down to the time of day, the weather, the month. Various things to try when trying to get different bugs and fish is to leave tree stumps, put rotten turnips or fruit on the floor, and also if you hear strange noises next to a tree, dig right there.

Fish are a different kettle as you can only see the size of the shadow, but if you manage to catch a rare fish, its worth a lot more than rare bugs

Don’t lose your treasure!

Keep areas around trees clear from weeds, if items fall from it they will bounce to another spot if there are weeds in the way and sometimes might disappear altogether, and you don’t want to lose out on some good resources or even bits of furniture that may fall.

Make use of the recycle bin in Resident Services

The recycle bin in the resident services is always a good place to check from time to time. Random items may show up from time to time, even when you’re playing on your own.

Feeling Lonely?

Speaking of playing on your own, if you don’t have any other islands to visit and you want to collect other fruits to grow, you can always use Nook Miles Tickets and go to one of the randomly generated islands to see if you can get any. In my personal experience, it’s rare other fruits do show up, but when they do it can be a blessing.

Got things to sell but the shop is closed?

If you have high-value items you want to sell to Nooks Cranny and the shop is closed, don’t use the box outside, you will get less for them as the shop takes 20% off for commission. So you’re best just leaving them or storing them till the shop is back open.

Speaking of High value items and Nooks Cranny, make sure to ask or check the board outside the shop for that days high value item!