Animal Crossing – Museum

First of all, what is the Museum for in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, simply put, its a place where your donated Fish, Bugs and Fossils go on display (and later Art Collection). It’s run by Blathers who starts off on your island in a tent, but then grows into the building you see above.

So, how do you unlock the museum? There are a couple of steps which are outlined below:
– Give Tom Nook 5 Bugs and/or Fish
– Blathers will then move to your island
– You should now have a shovel to be able to dig up those fossils. These can now be donated to Blathers as well.
– Give Blathers 15 bugs/fish/fossils and he will then apply to have the museum open.
– The museum should open the next day.

There is on further upgrade that you can do for the museum which will open up the art gallery. (Added as part of 1.2.0 update)

To get this upgrade you need to donate 60 bugs, fish or fossils to Blathers, at which point if you have a piece of art from Redd, there will be an option for showing him, and if you donate it, he will apply for the expansion and the next day the museum will be closed for construction and then the next day reopened all brand spanking new.