Animal Crossing – Able Sisters

Want to create an awesome wardrobe of outfits in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Then you’re going to need to get the Able Sisters on your Island. How do you this exactly? Well, read on and we shall reveal all!

There are 2 nailed on things that need to be done first
– Help build the museum by giving 5 fish or bugs to Tom Nook in resident services and then donate a further 15 bugs/fishes to Blathers when he arrives.
– Second thing you need to do is help build Nook’s Cranny by donating the wood and iron nuggets that are requested.

Now, the remainder of what brings the Able Sisters to the island is a mystery and there doesn’t seem to be any concrete criteria for it. Some people have had them show up on the second day after spending around 3,000 bells, others, a lot later and after spending a lot more than 3,000 bells.

I have played through opening 2 islands, and on my first island I had the able sisters on day 3, on my latest island I’m a week in with 5 islanders, fully upgraded museum (final upgrade it being built at time of writing) and a Nooks Cranny shop, but haven’t seen sight or sound from them since the shop opened, so I am at a loss as to when they will show up. It could be something to do with having only one thing building at a time? Maybe they will show up tomorrow after the museum upgrade is complete? I am completely at a loss, but if this does happen and they turn up tomorrow, then it could be down to that, but if and when I know more, I will update this.