Animal Crossing: Daily Tasks

So, you’ve started life on your deserted island, trying your best to build up your dream home. But we all know that good things can take a while to come up, especially if you’re working on a certain area of the island and are awaiting relevant equipment to show up.

While that’s happening though, what do you do in the mean time? Well, we’ve got a couple of tips to keep you going with things that you can do on a daily basis.

  1. Check the Nook Stop on a daily basis and get those Nook Points each day. Right up to the 7 day streak where you will get 300 points a day from that point.
  2. Dig up Fossils. Every day new dig stops appear for you to dig up and let Blathers assess. You can then decide whether to donate or sell them, or get creative with them.
  3. Money rocks! Well it does when it comes out of a rock! Everyday one of the 6 rocks on your island will be a money rock and give you a decent amount. Can you get all that come from the rock?
  4. More money rocks! But this time it isn’t from a rock, its from the ground. Every day you can find a nice glowing spot on your island which if you dig up will give you 1000 bells. Decent no? Well, whats even better is that you remember how your mum used to say that money doesn’t grow on trees? Well whose laughing now mum!? If you plant that bag back into the glowing hole a money tree will grow and triple your profits!
  5. Checking your shops everyday is essential as the stock is always being rotated and you can sometimes find those items you wanted or you didn’t know existed but you now must have! Especially if it concerns a project your working on!
  6. Just as the Police once sang – ‘Message in a bottle’ – That’s right, every day you can check your beaches to find a message in a bottle which will have a recipe inside it. I would like to say that it will always be something new you haven’t got, but I would be lying. Expect disappointments at time when you get a simple wooden bed 3 times!
  7. Talk to your islanders. Simple yet effective. You brought them along for the ride, now lets make sure they feel at home and part of the community. Although if there is one you don’t like, you can always ignore them and after a time they will come up and say there leaving! (I’m talking to you Hans! Get the hint!)
  8. Complete the first 5 Nook Miles+ tasks you get as these will give you bonus points along the way. Can’t beat a Brucey Bonus!
  9. Farm Resources from your Island. Wood, Stone, Iron. Claim the lot, you never know when you’re going to need it for a DIY project.

There’s a fair few things to do each day on the island, so it’s definitely going to keep you busy.