Call of Duty: Ghosts [Wii U]

This was one verdict I said I wasn’t going to do. Mainly because with the Xbox versions I had nothing good to say about it, and to me that is the truth. However playing the Wii U version, it feels like a totally new game to me.

How can it feel like a new game? Its the same game as I was playing on the Xbox! I don’t know if I can answer the question, and in truth… I cant, I don’t know why it feels completely different on Wii U to Xbox, but I have been enjoying myself on the game a lot more since I started playing it on the Wii U. I have actually wanted to go on the game and not think, this is just going to end with me turning the Xbox off or switching to something else after 1 game. Could be to do with the network, it could just be the people playing. (No offence to anyone reading this, it isn’t aimed at you 😉 )

That being said though, there are similarities in both versions, and it’s something that plagued the series for years. That is being killed after getting around a corner or getting into cover where no one can see or get to you! Bullet registration being delayed? Is that why countless times I would die when getting around a corner thinking i’m safe?

Ghosts has been a lot more balanced I feel in terms of guns and what’s OP and what’s not. Mainly because I use the same gun, and don’t seem to get killed by people using the same gun, which has happened in previous games where a good percentage of people would run around with the same gun. There is a good variety of the guns being used. That being said I only really use the Honey Badger, and very very occasionally use a sniper or shotgun.

The graphics for this version are a bit grainy at times, especially when zoomed in. There are other problems with the game, there can be a bit of lag, which is fairly annoying, but the game can run quite smooth otherwise.

The one thing I will say is that Nintendo consoles need some competition when it comes to FPSs. Either a first party FPS from Nintendo, or another FPS from a 3rd party. Having only one for the console is quite limiting and is no wonder people will prefer other consoles over the Wii U in general. (No offence Nintendo).

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I have to admit as well, that when playing with people i know, and working as a team, it makes it more enjoyable as well. Because your able to talk and point out where people are, if your in the same area and you have just died you can alert others to that. Which 99% of the time you don’t get when playing with randoms.

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