Ellies Guitar from the Last of Us Part 2 is a real thing!

For those of you who have been playing through The Last of Us Part 2 will know how much influence music has throughout the game. You will also know that Ellie has her own guitar which was given to her by Joel.

If you’re also thinking ‘Damn, I would love to own that guitar!’ – Well, now you can. But it’s going to cost you!

The first guitar on offer is a Taylor GS Mini which will set you back $699 (which is around £560), and the final guitar on offer, which is absolutely stunning and I wish I had the money to spend on it is a The Last of Us Part II Replica Taylor 314ce Guitar. This option will set you back around $2299. Wowch, however, if you know your guitars then you will know that this second option sells for around $2000 anyway.

Do any of these options interest you?

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