The Last of Us: Part 2 – Hints and Tips

Below you can check out a few of the Hints and Tips that we reckon are pretty helpful when playing through the Last of Us: Part 2

Use Distractions.

All throughout the world there are numerous bottles and bricks that you can get your hands on, these can be especially useful when trying to deceive enemies or clickers. Especially when it comes to the latter as they only find you based on sound.

Bottles and bricks can be a good way to get into buildings.

You don’t always have to fight

As fun as it can be to get into firefights, sometimes its best to just let it all go past you and get out of a situation safely. Being stealth and using the stealth kills option is also another good way to get out of full on fights. As long as you know no one else will see you, this is always a good option. Plus when your enemies see the dead bodies, it freaks them out.

Keep yourself stocked

It’s always a good idea when you have some quiet time to just stop and check your inventory, random fights can come along at any minute so you never know when you’re going to need to be prepared. Make sure your guns are reloaded (Press RT when not aiming) and your molotovs and other explosives as well as health kits are stocked up and ready.

Always keep yourself well supplied.

Take the time to explore the areas you visit.

The areas that you visit are massive and a lot more open than in the first game, take the time to check all the buildings in the area, you never know when you’re going to come across a nice new weapon, or a lot of stock to top up on. It’s also another reason to enjoy the views that this game provides.

Be Subtle – Do go into fights head on.

Basically, you will die very quickly if you charge at your enemies, the stopping power of the guns means you won’t make much ground to get them. Stay in cover and move about to throw your enemies off the scent, then pounce when they least expect it.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ellie.

Crouching is an excellent way to get around enemies, especially clickers as they based their attacks on sound. Crouching softens the footsteps which makes it harder for enemies to hear you, but helps you get around them for a stealth kill, or just to move past them. Remember, not every encounter need be a firefight.

Crouching hides your footsteps a lot better

Safes don’t need a code to get into them

While it helps to have the code, you don’t actually need it. If you listen to the sounds when Ellie is changing the numbers, the correct one will sound differently. It’s a very subtle difference and you’ll probably need to have headphones on or your TV sound turned right up to hear, but it’s there. So if you’re struggling to find a safe code, give this way a try.

Can’t get into a building because the doors locked? No problem

Don’t forget that even if the door to a building is locked, there is going to be another way in. If the front of the building has glass windows not boarded up, simply throw a brick or bottle through it, or be a little less tactful and shoot the glass out.

Make use of the crafting benches.

When ever you stumble across a crafting bench, try and make use for it and upgrade your weapons. This will give extra features like quicker reloading, or a magazine round on the rifle. You will thank it later when your shotgun is a beast, if you have the ammo for it.

Crafting benches can be very handy